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    Having enough ice for a social get collectively has usually been a headache to many individuals. It appears actual when you have lots of visitors and a small freezer area. Asking your visitors to deliver ice together with them is comparable to missing the proper etiquette, whether or not it’s a BYOB(Brings Your Own Booze) party. Here we would have come up with Ice Genie Reviews.

    Ice Genie is a brand new product that guarantees to offer an answer regarding maintaining sufficient ice in the house. Different Ice Genie Reviews declare the product is fantastic for a get collectively because it saves up a significant area for your freezer. Read this Ice Genie Reviews to discover whether or not or now no longer different Ice Genie Reviews on the web are sincere and honest to their word.

    Ice Genie is a Manual ice maker that gets designed to prevent a group of the area on your freezer by updating greater than 10 of the conventional ice dice trays you purchase from the store. It freezes a hundred and twenty at a time. Another top advantage of this tiny object is that after you’ve stuffed your boxes with sufficient ice, you could use this little accessible field as a drink holder to keep pop or different gadgets you could need to maintain calm.

    What Are The Things Should You Consider Before Buying Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker?

    Ice Genie Reviews

    If you have convinced yourself to buy an ice genie cube maker, you should see some of the following factors.

    Size and Capacity

    For the top part, portable ice makers may be small ice cube maker. That’s what makes them portable. However, you will locate a few ranges in how many areas they absorb and the quantity of ice they can produce or store. Manufacturers will offer the scale and the potential charge of their product specifications, so it will be smooth to verify which you’re shopping for the scale or potential you want.

    If your portable ice maker spends a maximum of its time sitting on a countertop in your home kitchen, RV, or boat, then you need to double-take a look at how much area is to be in that spot to make sure which you don’t come to be with a system that won’t suit. However, if your goal is to hold your ice maker from area to area or, most straightforward, use it if you have agency over, then we’d suggest checking the weight of the tool to ensure it’s something you’ll be carrying.

    Small Ice Maker

    In addition to identifying the quantity of ice you want your ice system to maintain, you want to ensure it’s going to make ice speedy sufficient for you. The manufacturing potential gets typically supplied in kilos of ice in step with day.

    Most producers also clean their product specifications how lengthy you may count on to attend till you begin to get ice. Most countertop ice machines will start to produce ice someplace within the variety of 10-20 mins once you first upload water and flip them on. It will range from version to version, so if velocity is an essential element for you, then you’ll need to make sure to hold a watch out for this.


    Portable ice makers are exceptionally low-priced equipment. They usually begin at around $$$, ranging in value to approximately $$$ for better-potential fashions. All in all, that’s now no longer a massive variety in the matter. 

    A near observation of the reviews show that going a step up from the maximum low-priced fashions in value usually means finishing up with a system that lasts longer. Many of the less expensive ice machines begin to appear to have issues in the first year, specifically while they get used heavily.

    Production potential is every other element to play a position withinside the typical price. The better-potential fashions will, in all, value a chunk extra. Some functions could also push a system’s value up properly, like sensible water use or smooth-to-use controls.


    If your portable ice maker always lives on a countertop, then you’ll, in all, don’t forget which of the fashions to get will appear excellent there. As you browse your alternatives, you’ll get speedy word that countertop ice makers are to be in a variety of shades and finishes.

    Ease Of Use

    In general, portable ice makers are pretty smooth to apply. Most of them have intuitive controls, primary instructions, and no actual setup requirements (you want an electrical outlet). Some can also be barely simpler to apply rules than others, and a few encompass functions that make it simpler to inform while the ice system is complete. On the entire thought, you shouldn’t be too concerned about being capable of parenting a way to use a portable ice system.


    Freezing water is challenging to work. Any system that isn’t specifically properly made is likely to have problems inside a rapid quantity of use. Unfortunately, portable ice machines aren’t the sort of equipment you may assume shopping for as soon as and the use of for a decade or extra. Even the maximum of the highest-best fashions are not going to be that lengthy. But spending a touch extra can regularly distinguish between getting a yr or much less of use or some years from your system.

    Intelligent Water Use

    One of the most excellent functions that a portable ice system can provide is sensible water use. If you don’t use all of the ice your system creates earlier than it melts, the ice system will re-use it and flip it into ice again.

    Our Product Description : The Original Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker

    Ice Genie Reviews

    Ice Genie is an innovative dual-chambered ice dice maker with a hundred and twenty ice cubes. This guide ice maker saves you area for your freezer as it could update up to ten fashionable ice dice trays. It is sufficient for an own entire circle of relatives accumulating or a set of friends. This innovative product freezes cubes in an outer chamber and pops them out with an effortless squeeze.

    It holds up ice cubes in an internal section with an airtight lid that continues cubes sparkling and smell loose. You also can make use of this product as a drink holder to swiftly kick back bottled beverages. Ice Genie has a BPA-loose layout. This dishwasher is secure for handy and rapid cleanup. If it isn’t too filthy, you may rinse it off with water after use. An easy wash can get the scent out in seconds.


    • Doubles as a drink holder.
    • Saves area to your freezer.
    • It makes forty cubes at a time and contains as much as a hundred and twenty cubes.
    • The lid continues ice cubes sparkling and odor-free.
    • Top-rack dishwasher safe.
    • Double chamber layout prevents spill.
    • Easy to eliminate compartments.


    • More hand power had to eliminate ice from the middle chamber.
    • Holds best 6 oz. of water, for this reason now no longer a variety of ice.
    • Much smaller than normal ice cubes.

    The Original ICE GENIE Ice Cube Maker

    Ice Genie Reviews


    • Space Saving Ice Cube Maker
    • Holds up to 120 Ice Cubes 
    • Self Cleaning Ice Maker
    • BPA Free Material

    Key Features Of The Product

    Ice Genie Reviews

    1. Double-Chamber Design

    Ice Genie functions a unique double-chamber layout that may keep as much as one hundred twenty ice cubes without using a spill. You want to fill the outer chamber with water and raise the inner cylinder as quickly because the water freezes.

    2. BPA-Loose & Dishwasher Safe

    The Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker is produced from a high-quality, BPA-loose food-grade silicone. This BPA-loose layout isn’t always the most effective pretty long-lasting. However, the dishwasher is secure for fast and easy cleanup.

    The ice dice holder is secure to rinse with water if now no longer too dirty. However, if it wishes an intensive cleanup, toss it withinside the dishwasher for a greater certain and secure cleanup.

    3. Fights Odors

    A widespread ice dice box or tray is in all likelihood to discharge an awful scent while left on a desk or counter for 1/2 of an hour or greater. Fortunately, the Ice Genie can’t begin to scent even if left on the floor for one entire day.

    It has a spill-evidence lid that permits it to combat unsightly odours with absolute ease. This air-tight lid maintains your ice cubes sparkling and odour-loose for one or greater days.

    4. Compact

    This ice cube holder is small sufficient to be healthy in a cooler. However, it is sufficient to deal with as much as one hundred twenty cubes at a time. It is extraordinary for an outside tour because you may find simply healthy it in a cooler.

    5. Reusable

    You can’t simply throw the Ice Genie after multiple uses. You can fill this tool with water and place it again for your freezer to put together new ice. You can use it as generally as you wish.

    One element that may make this product much less power is a hollow in its outer chamber. However, it’ll now no longer become with a multitude if you are cautious sufficient with the tool.

    How To Use:

    Ice Genie Reviews

    You will be glad to know that it is effortless to use Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker. You have to follow some easy steps.

    1. You have to put the cylinder into the chamber and make certain it touches the lowest to create a seal among the chamber and cylinder
    2. Fill water into the channel till the water reaches barely above the pinnacle row of cubes.
    3. You have to snap the lid onto the Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker and vicinity it within the freezer. Wait till all of the water is frozen. That can take 4-6 hours
    4. Take the Ice Genie Cube Maker out of the refrigerator as soon as all the water is frozen. Unscrew the lid and tightly squeeze the chamber all over the sides
    5. Remove any free ice shaped at the top chamber. Twist the cylinder – each left and right – till it’s far free. Then, pull it upward to put it off from the chamber.
    6. Once you’ve eliminated the cylinder, squeeze the chamber to launch all of the ice cubes into the middle section.

    What Makes Ice Genie Ice Cube Maker A Fantastic Product?

    Ice Genie Reviews

    The claim of the company Ice Genie and what makes it appealing to clients is the truth that you’re capable of loose up a lot of freezer area, even at the same time being capable of generating some ice cubes at an identical time.

    It states it’s capable of update up to ten everyday ice trays which means that it could preserve as much as a hundred and twenty ice cubes at once, which is largely sufficient for at an awesome length institution of buddies or own circle of relatives participants if you’re protecting a few sorts of getting collectively. It’s speculated to be dishwasher secure, and due to its end, you essentially have to be capable of rinsing it off after every use.

    We bet the principal hype approximately the Ice Genie is that you’re capable of successfully freeze such a lot of ice cubes at one time, using so little area in evaluation to the old school manner of the usage of trays to freeze your cubes individually.

    It is especially exquisite if you’re having a small to medium length get collectively, and also you want to have sufficient ice to deal with all people seeking to have a few sorts of blended drink. Once you’ve gathered sufficient cubes, you may truly then use the Genie as a sort of cooler to assist in preserving your beverages bloodless even as overtly storing them in your visitors as a drink holder.

    Frequently Asked Question – Ice Genie Reviews

    Everyone in your home will love the ice, so we can rarely preserve the field fully. You will love the tiny ice cubes when they were in the water for a bit. They may be simply best for eating. Overall, thrilled with the product and could advocate for others!
    After all of the ice cubes are released, positioned the internal chamber returned into the outer chamber by pushing it into the Ice Genie Cube Maker. Move the cubes out of the manner via way of twisting the internal chamber from side to side as you figure the internal chamber all of the manners down.
    Keeping the clean plastic cylinder inside, fill the Ice Genie through the narrow channels on the top. The cylinder holds the water withinside the aspects of the Ice Genie so that it will freeze into cubes. Let Ice Genie paintings its magic for some hours, then take off the lid and squeeze the ice cubes out.
    You may shave it, cubed, nuggets, and crushed. It may be crafted from faucet water, spring water, or purified water. But regardless of the form of the source, ice is taken into consideration meals by FDA.


    Ice Genie Reviews

    At last in Ice Genie Reviews, it indicates that the Ice Genie on the value marketed is properly really well worth the cash and especially for the ones people that entertain on an ordinary foundation and want ice cubes extra so than the common individual, or own circle of relatives for that matter, this product is once more something that could are available in pretty handy. We are organized to offer it a thumbs up.

    Hope this Ice Genie Reviews would have been fruitful for you. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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