Tribotex Review – Is It The Best Engine Additive Oil?

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    Oil additives are a good option if you want to boost the performance of your engine. That is, after all, the purpose of this Tribotex Review. Standard engine oil will take care of your engine as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, the oil will disintegrate over time.

    The engine oil’s thickness will decrease over time, and pollutants will cause it to thin. The lubricating power will be reduced as a result. More friction and wear and tear will result, potentially damaging your engine.

    You may improve the viscosity and functionality of your engine oil by applying an oil additive like Tribotex. The oil additive also creates shielding layers to protect your engine’s components from pollutants. As a result, it will smoothly run your engine and faster; reducing noise and pollution will be reduced.

    Finding the best oil additive, on the other hand, might be a challenging undertaking. This Tribotex review will go through the device in depth, listing its features, benefits, and drawbacks. You’ll be able to tell if the product meets your needs by the end of the Tribotex Review.

    What Are The Key Components Should You Look To Choose Best Additive Oil?

    Tribotex Review

    When selecting a car engine oil additive for your vehicle, four main performance elements are to consider. These are some of them:

    1. Friction Reduction: 

    Friction between metal bearings and other metallic components of your engine can grow, causing harm to your engine. It is where the value of engine oil additives becomes apparent. They aid in preventing friction-related wear and tear as well as reversing any existing wear. The year will last longer as a result of this.

    2. Increased mileage: 

    Choose engine oil additives that boost mileage by at least 1-2 percent after your first oil change. Less stress on your engine means more money saved on gas.

    3. Banned Chemicals:

    Chemicals that the government has outlawed can cause havoc in the environment and wreak havoc on your vehicle’s engine. As a result, check to see if the engine oil additive you’re using contains any forbidden substances.

    4. Compatibility:

    Most of the automobile engine oil additives on the market claim to be universally compatible. You have to make sure the engine oil addition you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

    Once you’ve nailed down all four parameters, you’ll be able to select the best engine oil additive for your vehicle.

    Product Description – Tribotex Nano Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment

    Tribotex Review

    We have chosen this product in our Tribotex Review. Tribotex Car Engine Oil Additive gets based on cutting-edge technology that improves engine performance and longevity. The additive increases the horsepower, gas mileage, and reverse wear of the engine. Anisotropic nanoparticle technology is used to accomplish all of this.

    Cutting-Edge Nanotechnology

    The nanoparticles have two surfaces: one sticky to bind to the base and one slippery to reduce friction. Nanoparticles develop a layer on the engine’s surface by adhering to it one by one. This coating or layer subsequently repairs the wear and tear caused by impurities.

    The research on this technology has been supported by the government, the National Science Foundation, and NASA, among others. After being added to the engine oil for 12-15 minutes, the small nanoparticles begin to operate. The research and development have cost more than a million dollars.

    The Defense Innovation Award was given to Tribotex Car Engine Oil Additive by Techconnect in 2017. Top competitors used it in the 2650 HP world champion unlimited hydroplane boat Miss Madison. As a result, you can imagine the potency of this automobile engine oil additive.

    Protective coating

    A diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) builds upon the reverse repair bearings and wears after around 550 miles of use. Due to the heat and stress created by friction within the engine, which led to decreased efficiency and lost compression, cars are typically scrapped after about 200k miles.

    The development of a coating on the outside of metal bearings The finish resembled a ceramic protective layer used in some high-performance engines. The product is simple to operate. The thing you have to do now is warm up your engine and pour about 20ml of TriboTEX into the oil tank. It can also be used on a cold machine or as part of a routine oil change. As we previously stated, the DLC coating will become apparent after 500 miles of driving. Every 40,000 miles, we add Tribotex.


    When it comes to compatibility, the product works well with various synthetic and conventional motor oils. You may use it in both diesel and gasoline engines. For my Toyota Camry, I use TriboTEX. It works with various automobiles, including BMW 3 Series, Ford F150, Chevy V8s, and Dodge pickup trucks.

    TriboTEX’s minor engine treatment can be used on lawnmowers, motorcycles, and other small engines. You can apply TriboTEX’s diesel treatment on vehicles with machines that can carry more than 8 liters of oil, such as diesel trucks and sportscars.

    Overall, you will get pleased with the product and will want to continue using Tribotex in the future. You will observe a gradual improvement after each oil change. Tribotex decreases friction ten to twelve times more than engine oil.

    Tribotex has the advantage of being composed of ceramic, which does not react with the environment. It’s dormant. Overall, TriboTEX removes particles such as varnish, pollutants, dirt, and other impurities.

    Tribotex improves protection and lubrication and reduces reverse wear by becoming lodged in scratches and pits. The noise levels of the metal bearings and filters are also reduced. You can improve the efficiency of your car and ensure that it runs longer by simply adding TriboTEX to your engine oil.


    • Gas mileage gets improved.
    • Enhances the performance of your engine oil
    • Improves the lubrication of the engine
    • It aids in the reduction of friction.
    • Provides smoother and quieter performance by protecting the engine from wear and strain.
    • It has universal compatibility, meaning it works with all makes and models of cars.
    • Improves fuel efficiency
    • Engine noise is reduced.
    • Non-toxic and completely risk-free
    • Reduces the cost of fuel


    • It is incompatible with diesel trucks, high-performance sports cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and other similar vehicles.
    • It works best with vintage automobiles.
    • When you compare the Tribotex to other oil additives on the market, it’s somewhat pricey.

    Tribotex Nano Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment

    Tribotex Review


    • Significantly Reduces Engine Noise.
    • The Fuel Economy Increased By 6 to 8%.
    • It’s Backed By A 100% money-Back Guarantee.
    • Makes High Mileage Cars.

    Chemicals In Tribotex Oil Additive:


    Its primary goal is to reduce metal-to-metal friction so that the engine’s life is extended.


    Zinc improves performance. It’s handy for older engines.

    Certification By The Environmental Protection Agency

    The EPA has certified certain oil additives that reduce toxic pollutants. It also stresses that they are free of harmful ingredients. So, if you’re seeking an environmentally friendly product, go with an EPA certificate.

    Model Of The Engine

    Check your car’s owner’s manual to see which engine model the oil additive is compatible with your vehicle.


    The majority of oil additives can survive high temperatures. Check to see if your oil additive can withstand the cold of winter.

    What Are The Customer Reviews Regarding Tribotex?

    We looked over the previous customer reviews and discovered the following:

    • Tribotex improves gas mileage by about 1.8 percent while also improving oil pressure slightly.
    • Many customers reported significant increases in engine noise and power. Since they began utilizing Tribotex, they believe their engines have performed as if they were brand new.
    • Some clients have used Tribotex with various automobiles, and they have all observed an increase in gas mileage. As a result, the oil additive is compatible with a variety of vehicle makes and models. Other oil treatments, such as Prolong and Marvel Mystery, were attempted, but none of them worked as well as Tribotex.
    • The majority of consumers have stated that they will not change their oil additive for at least the next 4-5 years. After using Tribotex, they are pleased with the outcomes.
    • Many clients have expressed their surprise at the decrease in oil use. They are now spending less money on engine refilling than they were previously.
    • Tribotex has only had a few customers report that it damaged their engine, so it’s more of a placebo effect. They also thought the product was quite pricey.

    How Can You Use Tribotex Oil Additives?

    Tribotex Review

    The vintage cars, luxury, sedan, diesel cars, hybrid trucks, and other vehicles operate well with TriboTEX.

    To apply TriboTEX Car Engine Oil Additive, follow these steps:

    • Warm up the engine oil by driving your automobile a little.
    • Open the oil tank and syringe to discharge the liquid.
    • You should allow your car to rest for at least 15 minutes before moving it again.

    Within 15 minutes of introducing the oil additive, it begins to operate. TriboTEX can last up to 40000 miles, unlike many other oil additives on the market.

    What Are The Works Good Additive Oil Do To Your Vehicle?

    Tribotex Review

    1. MPG

    The primary purpose of a good oil additive is to increase miles per gallon. The vast majority of oil additives claim to enhance gas mileage. However, you must still check to see if it has adequate lubrication and eliminates friction.

    2. Resistance To Wear and Tear

    A decent oil additive should be able to coat the engine’s parts in a protective coating. As a result, your machine will be safe from damage caused by harmful particles and heat emissions.

    3. Antioxidants

    Oil oxidation can do severe damage to your engine. When oil reaches a high temperature, something can happen. As a result, it reacts with oxygen in the environment. When oil oxidizes, it can quickly clog the engine. As a result, putting antioxidants in your engine oil will help to slow down this process.

    4. Inhibitors Of Corrosion and Rust

    Even when using high-quality oil, rust and corrosion might occur. Use a reputable corrosion inhibitor to avoid it. As a result, the engine will be strong and long-lasting, ensuring safe and reliable transportation.

    5. Stabilizer For High-Mileage Vehicles

    Standard stabilizers are insufficient when your car is elderly. Protect the gears by adding a high-mileage additive. It will keep the additional harm at bay.

    6. Viscosity

    When the engine has larger holes, choose a thick additive. The oil additive should be thin when the engine has tiny tubes and apertures.

    Does Tribotex Oil Additive Work?

    Tribotex Review

    A broken engine unit is one of the worst worries that any novice driver has. The engine may be the one that drives the car, and the more modern the vehicle, the more advanced the engine. It may be challenging to repair a broken machine, and you will almost certainly be charged a large sum of money. That is the main reason why proper maintenance is so essential. It keeps the engine device in good working order to provide the best overall performance and avoid damage.

    What can TriboTEX do for your motor? The nanomaterial will form a protective covering on the motor’s interior surface. It safeguards the most significant motor components, ensuring that they are more robust and live longer lives. The motor performance will surely improve as a result of the influence.

    The energy is enhanced, as well as the efficiency of the gasoline. The motor may run more fantastic thanks to the nanomaterial finish, extending the life of gaskets, bearings, and seals. The engine will emit significantly less CO2 as a result of TriboTEX, making it more environmentally friendly.

    Almost no other therapy on the market compares to Tribotex. Tribotex is a motor unit finish technology. We recommend that you use it once every MLS while changing your gas periodically. Because they create a diamond-like surface finish on your engine’s bearings and set on flooring, Tribotex would head to function reversing wear. 

    It includes synthetic nanoparticles developed with funds from the US Department of Energy, NASA, and the National Science Foundation. Because they generate a diamond-like carbon coating inside bearings, they reverse wear. It is compatible with all types of electric motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines. Increases fuel intake while lowering motor unit noise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions – Tribotex Review

    There was frequent testimony from Tribotex clients that their oil usage had been drastically decreased. Nothing could be more dramatic. Yes, gas mileage, yes, engine noise, yes, improved performance, yes, and oil consumption, yes. Reduced oil usage is easily noticeable and quantifiable, and this is a consistent observation and testimonial.
    Tribotex can extend the life, improve performance, and reduce the noise of your automobile engine, motorcycle, diesel truck, lawnmower, or any other machine.
    Certain additives, such as fuel additives, are well worth the money. They can clean your fuel injectors (and perhaps improve your gas mileage), enhance the performance of older transmissions, seal head gasket leaks, and eliminate radiator leaks.
    Yes, there is a difference. Fuel additives include lubricants, which reduce engine wear and tear. Still, they are also used to change the octane rating of gasoline. As a result, your fuel efficiency has improved. Oil additives work directly with the engine to ensure that the gas is burned efficiently.


    Tribotex Review

    Tribotex has been tried and tested by most of the customers. The details of our experience with the product are detailed in the Tribotex Review above. You will get delighted with this purchase and use it in all of your vehicles.

    It’s friendly to the environment, the wallet, and the engine. It enhances fuel economy and gas mileage, decreases noise and friction, and never clogs the filters like no other engine oil additive.

    Why not give Tribotex a try if you’re currently using another engine oil additive and see for yourself? We hope you found the Tribotex Review post to be informative. Please feel free to leave any further questions in the comments area below. We will get back to you as soon as we can with the answers.

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