Fluidmaster Vs Korky – Which Is The Best Toilet Replcement?

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    When you change toilet parts, all you want is to perform properly and for a long period. You might be tempted to go to the hardware shop and get the lowest part. But, if the low-cost equipment fails, why go through the replacement process all over again? 

    You stick to well-known brands that have specialized in toilet parts for decades. So, Fluidmaster Vs Korky, which is better? Continue reading to find out which one to choose based on the part you require.

    They are modern and do not rely on the old ballcock fill valve, characterized by a balloon-like structure projecting from a stick. By removing the large floating object, it helps to save space within the toilet.

    Both companies offer useful features that make using the toilet a breeze. They do, however, have their differences. In today’s post, we’ll look at the characteristics of each brand and explain how to tell them apart. It will assist you in determining what works best for you between Fluidmaster Vs Korky.

    Fluidmaster Description

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky

    The Fluidmaster toilet kit is made with long-lasting solid brass bolts. Unlike the Korky toilet kit, the Fluidmaster toilet kit makes a loud noise when you flush your toilet. The kit is heavy-duty due to the solid brass utilized in its construction. It is due to the weight of the flush valves, toilet handles, and spongy flappers.

    Fluidmaster toilet kits, on the other hand, are simple to install. They come with an instruction manual that will help any buyer understand how to set them up. If the product fails, Fluidmaster offers a replacement warranty of 5-7 years. Any broken pieces can be easily restored and repaired.

    The majority of models have a universal design. It ensures that they will fit in the majority of toilets. Their straightforward design guarantees that the fittings are compatible with the majority of toilets. The toilet kit’s plastic and rubber materials make it simple to clean. They’re great for stopping toilets from leaking and running.

    Fluidmaster uses a cylinder that floats on the outside. This design helps to save space while also allowing the user to observe how the kit functions. The float is designed to rise with the water level and cut off the supply once it reaches the top.

    The toilet valves in this area are designed to help you quickly fill your tank. They also ensure that your toilet is always operational. For a forceful and constant flush, the kit comprises a frame flapper made of sturdy materials that align with the tank drain. Its straightforward design allows the homeowner to set it up in just ten minutes.


    • Long-lasting and high-quality toilet accessories
    • A 5-7 year warranty is included.
    • Most toilets are compatible with this type.
    • You can install it easily
    • Reasonably priced


    • When flushing, it makes a lot of noise.

    Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky


    • Enhances Toilet’s Power
    • Universal Design
    • Adjustable Roller Camp
    • Easy Installation

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    Korky Description

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky

    The stainless brass used in the Korky toilet kit ensures long-term performance. Compared to the Fluidmaster, it is extremely peaceful and quiet while flushing, reducing unnecessary noise. It has a sturdy and long-lasting construction. When it comes to quieting down and refilling toilets, it’s a go-to option.

    Another key characteristic of Korky is the ease with which you may install the toilet kit. The company even includes a basic handbook with step-by-step directions on how to get started. It guides new users through the process of installing the kit like a pro.

    Korky ensures that, in addition to offering comfort, you will receive a 5-year warranty covering the restoration or repair of any broken parts. This assurance comes at no additional cost, giving you the peace of mind you require. You don’t have to be concerned about spending additional fees soon due to a defective product.

    Most of the toilet kits on offer come in a variety of styles. It allows you to pick what will help you address your particular toilet issue. They’re also composed of long-lasting, low-maintenance materials. Some are also made of light materials. When putting them in place, they are easy to carry or hold.

    Furthermore, due to their universal design, they are compatible with the majority of toilet models. They may be adjusted to reduce unwanted noise and to refill toilets. Furthermore, the availability of several kit sizes ensures that they will fit in any size toilet. The internal float design, which is attractive and compact, is used by the majority.


    • Various styles are available.
    • A 5-year warranty is included.
    • Made from a long-lasting material
    • Reduces toile noise while refilling 
    • It’s simple to put together and install.


    • Some consumers have reviewed that the product has stopped operating after a short amount of time.

    Korky 528MP QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky


    • Fits Most Toilets
    • Easy to Install
    • Made in USA
    • Universal 99%, Black

    Fill Valves: Korky Vs Fluidmaster

    These are some of the common issues associated with a faulty fill valve between Fluidmaster Vs Korky:

    • Water is always flowing.
    • No flush or a weak flush
    • Filler with a lot of noise
    • The tank takes a long time to refill.

    The fill valve is the toilet’s most complicated component. The rest is quite straightforward. Because a fill valve has moving parts, it’s critical to choose a high-quality mechanism.

    Both brands forego the traditional “balloon on a stick” valve. A ballcock fill valve is another name for it. Yeah, we’re sticking with “balloon on a stick” as a name. By eliminating the big float, both Fluidmaster fill valve and Korky fill valve conserve room inside the tank. If you need to adjust the flapper or chain, this makes it easy to get to them.

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky

    The float on a Fluidmaster valve is a cylinder on the valve’s exterior. This approach appeals to us because it saves space while still allowing you to see what’s going on. When the water level reaches the top, the water supply is cut off. Korky uses an internal float. It’s small and compact, but it’s difficult to tell what’s going on if it gets caught inside.

    The guarantee is another distinction between these two manufacturers of replacement fill valves. The Fluidmaster PerforMAX 400AH has a 7-year warranty, while the Korky 528MP QuietFILL Platinum has a 5-year warranty. Perhaps the extended warranty on an inexpensive part isn’t a huge concern to you, but we believe it tells something about how long it’s expected to survive.

    Korky Flappers Vs Fluidmaster

    When a flapper fails, you’ll encounter one or both of the following issues between Fluidmaster Vs Korky:

    • The dish is regularly filled with water.
    • Toilet flushes on its own Fortunately, it’s a simple and inexpensive fix. 

    The first step is to determine the size of the flush valve you have. The most frequent size is 2 inches, followed by 3 inches. 3′′ toilets are mostly present in toilets manufactured after 2005. Remove the tank’s lid to check. It’s a 2′′ valve if the flapper is the size of a baseball, and a 3′′ valve if it’s about the size of a softball.

    Fluidmaster Vs Korky

    5-year guarantees from both brands cover these flappers. They’re both simple to set up, while the Fluidmaster is the most straightforward. The Fluidmaster flapper also has a simpler water usage adjustment, in our opinion. The dial is easier to turn and more clearly defined. It’s also on the top side, allowing you to view it while being installed.

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    Gaskets With Wax Rings Vs Gaskets Without Wax Rings

    For a long time, the only way to seal the gap between the toilet and the flange was to use wax rings. This seal keeps water out of the toilet bowl. Waxless rings are a more recent addition to the market. When it comes to providing a good seal, wax or wax-free will suffice. Wax rings are inexpensive and effective. So why would you want to use a wax-free gasket instead?

    • If you anticipate you’ll be moving or replacing the toilet soon, they’re reusable.
    • There will be no messes.
    • They are more forgiving for non-professional installers – if you don’t get it right the first time, you can raise it and try again.
    • There is a longer warranty included.
    • They aren’t affected by extremes of temperature, such as in-floor radiant heat.
    • They function with a wide range of flange heights.
    Fluidmaster Vs Korky
    Fluidmaster 7530P8 Better Than Wax Seal and the Korky 6000BP WaxFree Seal

    The Fluidmaster 7530P8 Better Than Wax Seal and the Korky 6000BP WaxFree Seal are quite comparable. They each come with the essential hardware, including spacers, brass closet bolts, washers, nuts, and plastic washers to keep the bolts in place. Both come with a ten-year warranty. There is one distinction between the Korky and the Fluidmaster that makes me favor the Korky. 

    If you prefer a rubber seal to a wax seal, the Korky 6000BP is the ideal option. The bolt holes on the Korky seal are lower than on the Fluidmaster seal. It’ll be easier to insert the bolts and keep them vertical as a result of this. We’d recommend the Fluidmaster 7513 if you prefer a traditional wax ring. It’s extra thick, so even if your flange is below floor level, it’ll work.

    Tank-to-Bowl Gaskets: Korky Vs Fluidmaster

    Do you leak into the toilet and the bowl of the toilet?

    You’ll be all set with a tank-to-bowl gasket and bolt kit. Due to being submerged in water, these parts may eventually deteriorate. Unfortunately, many toilet manufacturers cut corners on their hardware, resulting in bolts or gaskets that wear out far sooner than they should.

    A big rubber gasket, bolts, nuts, and washers are included in the replacement kits. Everything you’ll need to attach the tank to the toilet is included.

    Is The Fluidmaster Kit Superior To The Korky Kit?

    Solid brass bolts are used by Fluidmaster, while Korky uses stainless steel bolts. Both will not rust and will last a long period. You want to stay away from low-cost, low-quality replacement bolts.

    Some companies will use brass-plated bolts to save money, but it’s just a matter of time before the plating peels off and the bolts rust. Then rusty streaks appear in your tank, and finally, the bowl.

    So, either the solid brass Fluidmaster bolts or the stainless Korky bolts are excellent choices. You appreciate that the Korky package includes a third bolt, as well as a nut and washer, so you’ll always have spares on hand.

    Gaskets come in a variety of sizes, just like replacement flush valves. The most typical valve size is 2 inches, while some contemporary toilets use 3-inch valves. Several American Standard, Toto, Kohler, and other contemporary toilets feature 3′′ valves for a more powerful flush. You must measure your flush valve.

    Other Thoughts

    Fluidmaster parts get made in China and Mexico, while Korky parts are made in the United States. Despite this, Korky’s parts are roughly the same price. It’s not a big deal if you’re new to toilet repair. Isn’t that what YouTube is for? It’s quite simple.

    We want you to look at some points:

    • Always turn off the toilet’s water supply valve first.
    • Remove any residual water. The tank will not refill if your water supply is correctly switched off.
    • Once you’ve finished working in the tank, take the time to empty and clean it out. Scrubbing and absorbing up the residual water is equally easy with a sponge.
    • Clean all excess wax from the flange and beneath the toilet if you’re replacing the wax ring. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Wax is a sloppy substance.
    • Set the bowl down to test fit it before applying your wax ring or wax-free seal. Check to see if it’s rocking back and forth. If necessary, shim the toilet.

    Korky has some excellent troubleshooting tutorials to assist you in diagnosing and resolving common issues.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Korky gasket material is spongy yet robust, and the quality feels better than the Fluidmaster. Gaskets come in a variety of sizes, just like replacement flush valves. The most typical valve size is 2 inches, while some contemporary toilets use 3-inch valves.
    The Korky 2X Long Life Toilet Fill Valve is the most durable and versatile fill valve on the market. The Chlorazone II rubber formulation outlasts other fill valves two times and is backed by a ten-year warranty to withstand the hardest situations.
    Most are interchangeable and will fit any toilet's regular tank openings, but size matters, notably the length of the valve stem.
    Yes, fortunately. Fluidmaster manufactures the parts for Kohler toilets, which is a well-known fact in the plumbing industry. The innards may be marketed and made to Kohler's specifications, but the innards remain the same!


    Fluidmaster Vs Korky

    We have almost given all the details in the article Fluidmaster Vs Korky. But still, at last, we are going to give you some information. 

    Stainless steel bolts are used in Korky toilet kits, while brass bolts are used in Fluidmaster toilet kits. Both are constructed to last a long period. The key is to stay away from low-cost, low-quality replacement bolts. Brass-plated bolts sold in kits tend to rust and wear off over time. As a result, the tank becomes rusted and leaking.

    Fluidmaster is the better brand between the two if you desire smart design and pricing. Korky provides both endurance and quality at an affordable price. When compared to the former, the latter has higher-quality materials that feel better in the hands.

    Hope the article on Fluidmaster Vs Korky would have been fruitful for you. Do share your choice with us in the comment section.

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