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Nowadays when it comes to using smart devices usually people don’t limit themselves by using only smartphones but they also use tablets, air pods, smartwatches, and all the latest gadgets. There is no problem using these devices as well using them is also a trend. The problem occurs while charging these devices because if you want to charge them then for every device you should have a different adapter, a different cable, and also different charging points for each device. Here we come with Pitaka Air Omni Review, a handy device for all the charging solutions.

Especially when you have to carry those chargers with you while you are going out or while traveling you find it really difficult carrying all those wires and adapters with you.

To solve these problems and to make life easier there are many devices developed like power banks, wireless chargers, and multiple device wireless chargers, and many more.

Multiple device wireless chargers allow you to charge more than one device at the same time just placing the device on them. But on these devices, you have to place your smart devices in the correct place, or else it won’t charge your device. It is also possible that your devices would charge very slow because it is charging multiple devices at the same time. Another problem which people face with such chargers is that they sometimes charge one kind of device and not charge another kind.

This article is about a multiple device wireless charger air Omni by Pitaka. I am going to give an unbiased Pitaka Air Omni Review so that you can decide that it will be worth buying or not.

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Pitaka Air Omni review

What is Pitaka Air Omni?

Pitaka air Omni is a 6 device fast wireless charger which suggests from the name that it can charge 6 devices at time android devices as well as iOS devices.

On the top of Pitaka Air Omni, you will see aramid fibre which looks like carbon but is not. But carbon is conductive and aramid fibre is not and aramid fibre is scratch resistance as well. Bottom of the Pitaka air Omni is made from metal.

Pitaka air Omni’s weight is 1.8 lbs due to which it is easy to carry and gives a great look to your desk as it will not be covered by so many wires around.

Features: Pitaka Air Omni review

First wireless charger to charge your phone. You can charge Android and Apple both kinds of mobile phones up to 10 W speed.

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The second wireless charger is for apple AirPods it can be AirPods second generation or AirPods pro. You can also charge other things like Samsung earbuds or any android earbuds up to 5 W speed.

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At the centre, you will see a ring on which you can charge your apple watch. Here you can only charge your apple watch and it won’t work for Samsung watch or any other android watch. 

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Pitaka Air Omni review

If you have an apple watch in a band form that you cannot separate or want to charge your apple watch in nightstand mode then you can press the red button on the side and the ring will pop up so you can also charge your watch in band form as well. You can charge your apple watch on this device up to 5 W speed.

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Pitaka Air Omni review

Other than this you will also see a lightning connector on the top which can charge your device up to 18 W speed and can also be switched with USB-C by pressing the button at the back. On the back, you will see a stand that can be pulled out with which lightning connector on the top will pop and as mentioned before which can be switched to USB-C.

Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review

With the help of the lightning connector, you can charge your iPhone. With USB-C you can charge your iPad pro or any other android device. But what if you want to put your device in a landscape form and use the same for that you get a small plastic shaped like a shallow U which connects the apple watch and Lighting connector or USB-C magnetically which allows you to keep your tablet into a landscape form then instead of using Lightning or USB-C connector you can use the USB-C or USB-A on the side which can charge your device up to 18 W speed and when both these USB jacks are used together then it will give you a speed of 15 W.

Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review

Other than this on the side, you have both the USB-C and USB-A as per the Pitaka Air Omni Review. So you can also get wired charging for your android phone, iPhone, tablets, cameras, laptops and you can also charge your Macbook or Macbook pro.

Pitaka Air Omni review

You will also get a push space on the side with LED light which has a very small space but you can still place some tiny things there like tiny jewellery, SD cards or anything you want to.

Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review

The charger you get to charge your Pitaka air Omni is a 65 W charger. On the back, there is an AC power adapter mode which helps you to use the charger in America, Europe or for the plug of any other country.

Other than all this to make it easy for you to carry this device you can also get a travel pouch to carry without any harm to the charger.

Pitaka Air Omni review
Pitaka Air Omni review

Likes:(Pitaka Air Omni Review)

It can charge up to 6 devices with very good speed and also stops your devices from getting overcharged. Apple Watch can be charged in both the ways it can be laid and also can be charged in nightstand mode. You can easily switch between the lightning connector and USB-C. The little lighted drawer on the side can be proved really useful for keeping your tiny things safely.

Dislikes:(Pitaka Air Omni Review)

It is a good product but it is designed by giving more importance to Apple devices than Android devices.

Is Pitaka air omni worth buying?

If you are an Apple user then Pitaka air omni should be bought by you and you will love using it. But if you are an Android user you can face some drawbacks like it won’t charge your Samsung watches or any other android watches on the charger present on the top but your Samsung watch can be charged by the USB port present on the side due to which you can give a second thought before buying Pitaka air Omni.


It is Qi and Apple MFi certified. It has the usual over-temperature, under-voltage, overcurrent, foreign object detection and short-circuits protection mechanism.


It has a one year warranty period. Which gives you the safety that in the period of one year if anything happens to your device it will be repaired or replaced for free.

Environment friendly:

All the factories of Pitaka are completely environment-friendly. Also, it is made sure that their dyeing and printing factories are environment friendly as well.

Materials used:

Zinc alloy is used to build air omni which can be reused or recycled later.

Where is Pitaka air omni available?

It is available on many online platforms like on www.ipitaka.com, www.kickstar.com, www.amazon.com and also on some other platforms. 

What is the price of Pitaka air omni?

The price of Pitaka air Omni is $199 on www.ipitkaka.com and on amazon.com it is available for $159 its price range can go up and down accordingly some websites offer the same.


For expedited delivery, it takes around 2-7 days. For standard shipping, it can take around 7-10 days depending on the location for which it is ordered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the power adapter of air quad be used for air Omni?

No, the power adapter of air quad can not be used for air Omni because air Omni has a power input of 15V/4.3A and air quad has a power input of 15V/3.5A.

Is the height of convertible charging connector adjustable?

The height of convertible charger is not adjustable but the height is of 7.5 mm but it does support cases which are not too thick.

Does air Omni support dual voltage 100V-240V?

Yes, air Omni supports dual voltage of 100V-240V.

Will a 12.9 inch iPad fit, and will it be sturdy?

Yes, a 12.9 inch iPad will fit and remain sturdy until it does not get any large force or push against it.

How can I confirm that I have also ordered the travel pouch?

If you have added the amount of travel pouch with the amount of your device then you can be assured that you will also get the delivery of the travel pouch with the device.

Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy buds on Pitaka air Omni?

Yes, with Apple air pods you can also charge your Samsung air buds on the Pitaka air Omni as well.

Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy watch on-air Omni?

The charger on the top is only for your apple watch but you can charge your Samsung watch by the USB port on the side.

Where can the travel pouch for air Omni will be bought and what is the price of the same?

The travel pouch can be bought from the same website you buy your air Omni for US$2.99.

What iPad can I charge by air Omni?

You can charge your iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro and if you have any other device then you can switch between USB-C and lightning connector.

How can I switch between USB-C and lightning connector?

By pressing the button on the back you can switch between USB-C and lighting connector.

What is the difference between air Omni and air quad?

  • Air Omni can charge 6 devices at a time and air quad can only charge 4 devices.
  • In air quad, you cannot switch between lighting connector and USB-C but in air Omni, you can easily switch between the lightning connector and USB-C.
  • Air Omni has a hidden drawer but air quad doesn’t.
  • Air Omni is only available in black colour but air quad is available in silver and black both colours.

Which are the fast charging spots on air Omni?

  • Wireless charging spot for your phone.
  • Type-C/lightning connector which pops out.
  • The USB Type-A and USB Type-C on the side.


I think that I have given you complete information about Pitaka air omni which will be helpful for you to know about the product and also to decide that the product will be worth buying for you or not.

Summary:(Pitaka Air Omni Review)

If you are a person who uses so many smart devices both Apple and Android devices.

Devices like mobile phones, Apple watch, air pods or ear buds, iPad, tablets and many more.

But if you find difficulty in charging those devices because each of them has a different charger and a different kind of cable especially when you are travelling or you want to carry these chargers to your office or somewhere else.

I will suggest you try Pitaka air Omni which is a fast multiple device wireless charger that charge 6 devices at one time. It can charge your mobile phone, iPhone, air pods or air buds, apple watch, laptop or Macbook, your tablet all of them.

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