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Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review

In this article, I am going to give you a trustworthy Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review. The Perun Flashlight is now added to the Olight Perun’s Series. Olight is known for its convenient body features that provide amazingly easy grips to hold. The mini flashlight is also very trouble-free to carry and has a high luminous property.

When you see such a small size flashlight, you accept it not to be much luminous but Olight has made it possible for the mini flashlights to brighten up the areas in which you don’t suppose it will work. If you’re looking for a hassle-free flashlight that makes your whole carrying the flashlight to dark area process very easy this is just the right choice for you.

One more fantastic feature of this flashlight which can be noticed is that you can use it as a headlight also. It comes with an optional headband. All you have to do to use it as a headlight is that you have to attach the flashlight on the patch according to your desired angle and then use it. With the help of its duty patch, you can attach the flashlight to your clothes, backpacks, or hats with a 60-degree rotation of your desired angle as per your convenience.

Read the full article on Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. Let’s talk about its features in more details to give you a more clear idea about the product.

Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review

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Features-(Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review)

  • Tiny But Tough:

It is as tiny as your thumb but works wonderfully. You don’t need to judge the quality of the product due to its size. It looks small but is as luminous as any of the good flashlights available in the market. The thing with big flashlights is that they are sometimes hard to carry to any and every place you need to go. The people who work in dark places and have a compulsory need of carrying a flashlight every time they go to their workplaces, these flashlights can provide a lot of help to them. They are very easy to carry product and are as small as your thumb.

This feature is one of those things you will find different and at the same time interesting to look upon. So, that is why I wanted to keep it the first in my list of describing you the best features about the product. This is a point that should be kept in my Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review. Isn’t it great to carry something so little for your use which can give you a luminous power of approximately 1000 lumens? Yes, it is. So, if you are looking for something like this, my recommendation would be to go for it.

  • All-purpose flashlight:

These flashlights are multifunctional and can be used as per your choice. It depends on you how and where you want to use the flashlight. It can be handheld easily because of its small size, you can also use it as a headlight with the help of the given headband and can be magnetically attached to vehicles to be used as a light for your work purpose. So, that is why it is an all-purpose light which can be used for different purposes depending on your needs. This is also an amazing feature of this product and you will love it.

To anyone who is buying this product, this is the feature you can find convincing for yourself and that is why I have put this feature in the second position in my Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review. We are living in the 21st century and everything keeps changing for the better, so this is a good replacement for all that big handy flashlight you used earlier, these multifunctional flashlights are now in the trend and are very simple to use. So, handheld flashlight, headlight, and magnetically attached to the vehicle as work light all of these things in just this small Olight Perun Mini Flashlight.

  • User-Friendly:

These flashlights are very user friendly and can provide the best user-interface. Specifically, for this light, its UI is very simple to use. You will not be confused while using it. It doesn’t support the momentary activation, you need to switch on or switch off the light from the head electronic switch given on the light.

With the help of the on switch, if you click the switch once the light will switch off, if you do it twice it will activate Turbo, if you click it three or more times it will activate SOS and if you hold it for 1 sec it will change the modes of the light. Turbo mode is memorized as the high mode.

So, with the help of only two switches, you can also activate the timer mode and do the electronic lockout which will eventually activate the moonlight mode. Its small form factor makes it even easier to carry it with big hands. So, this is the third feature in my Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review.

Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review
  • Remarkable Duty Patch:

The Velcro duty patch which comes with these flashlights provides an easy 60-degree rotation. Sometimes, the pocket clips given with the flashlights make it hard to rotate the light, at this time duty patch comes to rescue. With the amazing rotation, the duty patch provides it starts behaving like a headlamp sometimes. Only with the help of this patch, you can attach the flashlight to the headband provided, your cap/hat, and your backpack. So, this patch provides a lot of help in making the flashlight a multipurpose one.

This was also a great feature to be noticed and put upon in my Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review. While writing the review, I was very sure to put this point in your notice. If you purchase the optional headband with the flashlight, this duty patch will be of the best use for you. So, it can be said that it will be nice of Olight to put the headband for the better use of duty patch in the necessary included accessories with the flashlight. Some users may have the problem buying the headband but it is recommended to purchase it with the flashlight for better use of the product.

  • Magnetic Charging:

While buying any such rechargeable product, the question associated with its charging always pops up in your mind like how will we charge it and till how much time the charging will work, etc. Well for all your questions, I have the answer. The Olight Mini Flashlight has a 550 mAh battery and comes with USB magnetic charging cable. You can charge it in any mode you want but I will recommend you charge it in the moonlight mode for easy and fast charging.

The red indicator at the tail part of the flashlight depicts that the charging is in process and the green indicator tells that the charging is completed. It’s easy and fast charging was an appealing feature and that is why I have given it a position in my Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review.

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Conclusion of Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review:

Olight Perun Mini Flashlight can be a good choice for you if you are looking for a mini multifunctional flashlight. You can go for it because if given a chance to purchase the product for any of my known people, I will do it. Some features are missing if we compare it to the original Olight Perun model but the features which it has are also something you cannot ignore. I hope after reading the full Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review, you now have a good idea about whether you want to buy the product or not. I wish I had cleared all your doubts regarding this particular product. Now, the choice is yours.

Olight Perun Mini Flashlight Review

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