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To complete a pile of assignments or to meet deadlines of the client or extensive use of a computer all day long, all these need ample of patience. The physical strain comes as an unavoidable side-kick. Choosing a proper desk to meet your hectic schedule is the need of the hour. A desk with good quality, strength and durability, and resistance to scratches and stains might serve your purpose just well.

Ikea Malm Desk outlives all the requirements you have possibly chalked out so far. The sleek design of the Ikea Malm Desk flaunts a professional touch of finishing. Unlike other office or home desks, The Ikea Malm Desk is just beautiful on all sides. This allows you to follow either the traditional way of placing the desk against the wall or use the center of the living room to place the desk and the look of it won’t disappoint you for sure. A desk being the center of attraction could not just have been better!

The Malm Desk comes at a very pocket-friendly budget for the qualities it provides. You can also extend your work surface by combining desks and drawer units. As a standalone product, the desk boasts of its unparalleled quality. The Ikea Malm Desk also gives a fine complement to other pieces of furniture in the Malm series.

Ikea Malm Desk
Ikea Malm Desk


The Ikea Malm Desk comes along with a handy manual with written instructions and pictures to help you with the set-up of the desk yourself. Hence, fixing the Malm Desk is not as hectic as you might have assumed it. However, the process gets easier if you have prior experience in setting up tables and desks or you can also call over someone for assistance.

The instruction manual also contains information for charging electronic gadgets, if any. For safety measures, it is recommended to follow the instructions thoroughly. Also, make sure to switch off the power supply, if you are not around for an unprecedented time.

It is advised to keep a check on the assembly often if all the assembly parts are properly tightened all the time. Needless to mention, any mishap can always be avoided with keen supervision just like any other article at your home.


Adding more to the finishing and classy appearance, the vintage shades of Ikea designed Malm Desks project the royal look you might have been looking for long. The Ikea Malm Desk covers a range of elegant colors like white, black-brown, brown-stained ash veneer, and white-stained oak veneer.


The Malm desk measures 55 ⅛ x 25 ⅝ x 28 ¾  inches (W D H). The Ikea Malmdesk comes as two different packages:

  • The desk is 143 cm long and 67 cm wide, extending up to 9 cm in height. This desk weighs 27.62 kg (60 lb 14 oz).
  • The desk is 112 cm long and 68 cm wide, extending up to 6 cm in height. This desk weighs 14.60 kg (32 lb 3 oz).
Ikea Malm Desk
Ikea Malm Desk

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We all have the experience of a messy desk or table with wires and cables (like the charger cables, USB, extension cords, etc.) covering over the entire place. What if there is a solution to keep these messy cables out of sight but close at hand? What if you could tuck them inside or just hide them somewhere to keep your desk and floor neat and clean?

Well yes! The Ikea Malm Desk doesn’t only give you a royal finish but also solves your problem of loitering cables around. All the cables can be collected on the shelf under the top which has a handy design to organize the extension leads beautifully. 


With regard to the materials used for furnishing the Ikea Malm Desks, the tabletop is sturdy and durable. The top surface of the desk can withstand surface damages owing to its quality to serve you for a longer time without a hitch. But do make sure not to be too harsh in its use. The longevity of any good or product also depends on how it is handled.

The tabletop can, further, be mounted with the work essential components like keyboard, mouse, files and folders, speakers, monitors, until it reaches a maximum load of 50 kg (110 lb). The flat surface of the desk is enough to fit three monitors of about 27 inches each.

 Ikea Malm Desk


The Ikea Malm desk comes with two storage units to be used as drawers. Unlike the usual handle drawers, designing of the storage units is done by a pull-over mechanism on top which is easy to have a grip on. One of the storage units is a rollout while the other is to be opened like a normal door. 

The drawers and the cabinets are designed in a way to accommodate almost all your belongings with much ease. The dimensions of the cabinet are about 15 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and extends up to a height of 15 inches. The dimensions of the drawer are about 15 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and extends up to a height of 8 inches. 

The storage units can also be mounted to the right or left according to your convenience or the space available. Almost everything can be stored in these storage units considering that they are not too bulky like your headphones, mobile chargers, USB, Pendrive, and other supplies. You can also choose an organiser to arrange all your requisites neatly.


Ikea has taken into note that the desk with an ultimate finishing should also have an easy clean-up process to be the best of its kind. For this, the materials were chosen to give a well-furnished look also equally served the purpose for an easy cleaning process. 

  • Good quality of the desk is ensured on the tabletop, side panel, supporting leg and bottom panel with particleboard and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling (100% recycled paper), and acrylic paint.
  • The ABS plastic cable management, back-rail, shelf, and the front is coated by acrylic paint and particleboard and paper foil materials.
  • The storage units, both sides, and bottom are made up of paper foil materials.
  • Plastic edging is used to increase the lifespan of the Malm desk.

A damp cloth is enough to wipe clean the table made of these materials. The desk would look as good as new, every time you look at, with proper maintenance.

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The Desk is well furnished to cater for the majority of the people who find the use of desks on a regular basis. The Ikea Malm Desk is reviewed as a product with the best quality for its worth. Its beauty blends well with other series of Malm furniture. The flawless finish of the desk, even at the rear side, makes it an irresistible item to show-off. The tabletop, drawers, and cabinets are designed with a lot of space to fit in almost everything to project an organized look.

Additionally, the desk is capable of carrying a maximum load of 50 kg (110 lb). It comes in a range of colors to choose from to suit the environment you work in. The use of particleboard and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling and acrylic paints just fits in right with plastic edging. Cleaning up and maintenance of the Ikea Malm Desk is no headache because of the uncompromisable quality of the materials used for furnishing it.

The Ikea Malm Desk is one of the best-reviewed desks of Ikea and that is why I felt the need to write an article on it. The fine details in this review are a culmination of minute analysis by comparing different sources and also putting in forth genuine information from the original website. Since you are ready with the preliminary research, take time to select from the various shades of the Ikea Malm Desk and do let us know your opinions, suggestions, and experiences

 Ikea Malm Desk

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