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    People worldwide are becoming more aware of a new, more environmentally friendly way of life. It was just a matter of time until a company like Earth Breeze became a global phenomenon. Earth Breeze washing sheets are a company that puts the environment first and makes environmentally friendly laundry detergent. Here we have come up with Earth Breeze Reviews.

    The company’s slogan is “a detergent that cares.” Earth Breeze gets based in Miami, Florida, and all of its products get created in the United States. If so, how effective are their washing sheets in comparison to traditional detergents? We were interested in their claims since we got dedicated to doing our part by living a greener life. Let’s know more about the product in our Earth Breeze Reviews.

    What Is Earth Breeze?

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    Earth Breeze makes laundry detergent sheets to replace traditional water and chemical detergents, which pollute the environment with chemical and plastic waste. These miracle laundry sheets encourage a more environmentally friendly way of life. They are animal-friendly, cruelty-free, bleach- and dye-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    Earth Breeze’s commitment to minimize plastic waste and carbon impact by 90% is one of the company’s most significant contributions. All plastic has to get removed from Earth Breeze’s product, packaging, and delivery. It leaves you with not only clean clothes but a clean conscience.

    Many people, including us, scrutinize the chemicals list on the back of typical detergent bottles. Earth Breeze does not include any needless colors or bleaches, which you can feel good about. On Instagram, the brand has over 100k followers.

    If you live in a small area, you are always looking for methods to save room. The box is small and easy to keep track of. Also, as a frequent traveler, knowing that item can fit easily in your suitcase if you go on a longer vacation is reassuring.

    Earth breeze has a membership plan that allows you to save 40% off the original price. Their subscription program starts at $12 per month.

    Product Description – Earth Breeze – Liquidless Laundry Detergent Sheets

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    Earth Breeze laundry sheets are available in two scents: a fragrance-free option and a fresh one. Earth Breeze comes in a bag of 40 loads. Per load, one strip gets used. A one-time purchase of 60 loads costs $20, but that cost drops to $12 per month with their subscription-based strategy.

    You’ll never go back to doing laundry the old way. Earth Breeze Luandery sheets disintegrate quickly in both hot and cold water. They’re low-sudsing, ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, provide a thorough clean, and their Eco Formula is compatible with all machines, including HE.

    This breakthrough mixture will eliminate even the hardest stains, dislodge dirt molecules, and leave your clothes smelling great. It’s time to make a decision that isn’t harmful to the environment. Every year, almost 1,000,000,000 plastic jugs get used. Only one out of every five persons thinks to recycle properly. There is a plastic island that has grown to be about 617,800 square miles in size.


    Earth Breeze gets dedicated to being open, cruelty-free, and environmentally sustainable. Ingredients that are vegan include:

    1.Glycerol: Distillation of glycerol to extract water and methanol The application of homogeneous acid catalysis allows converting high-content oils/fats. Glycerol is the main by-product of biodiesel production; it accounts for around 10% of the weight of biodiesel.

    2.Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate: Alcohol ethoxylates are artificial substances that don’t exist in nature. The aquatic environment is the main recipient of chemical inputs, primarily through wastewater discharge due to consumer disposal behaviors, because most AEs get used in cleaners and detergents.

    3.Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate: The detergent Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Molecular Biology Grade (SDS), is known to denature proteins. It gets used to determine the molecular weight of proteins using denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

    4.Polyvinyl Alcohol: PVA is water-soluble and biodegradable. Hence it’s used to build water-soluble and biodegradable carriers that could be beneficial in producing chemical delivery systems like fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. PVA-degrading microbes, on the other hand, are not ubiquitous in the environment.

    5.Deionized Water: Deionized water is an excellent cleaning product for various surfaces, including windows, tabletops, wooden surfaces, mirrors, baseboards, and even CARPET CLEANING. It is because it leaves no residue, marks, or stains on surfaces due to its capacity to remove “gunk quickly.”


    • Easy-to-use, no-mess laundry product that saves space in your cupboard Eliminates plastic jugs 
    • Vegan and cruelty-free 
    • Money-saving subscription plan starting at $12 per month 
    • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee or money back 
    • Baby-friendly formula Greywater and septic safe 
    • Cancel anytime 
    • Happy customers


    • It contains Polyethylene glycol (an FDA-approved non-toxic, water-soluble fusogen) and alcohol ethoxylates (obtained through the reaction of lauryl alcohol generated from natural and renewable sources with ethylene oxide).
    • They are not generally available in stores.

    Earth Breeze – Liquidless Laundry Detergent Sheets

    Earth Breeze Reviews


    • Fresh Scent
    • No Plastic (60 Loads) 30 Sheets
    • Cruelty-Free And Vegan
    • Save So Much Space
    • No Mess

    How To Use:

    It is easy to use. Steps are:

    1) Take a sheet from the plastic-free container and unfold it. 

    2) Toss the sheet in the washing machine. 

    3) Put on some clothes

    Customer Reviews

    Michele says, “I am writing this Earth Breeze Reviews because I am amazed by the product. I switched from Tide pods to these washer sheets, and they are fantastic! My husband works in a shop that fabricates metal structures, so he’s welding and grinding and crawling all over filthy metal beams, and these sheets clean even his clothes! I’ve ordered them twice now and will continue to do so in the future.

    As an aside, the package they come in is probably not the greatest for storing them, especially if you live somewhere humid; I keep mine in a small Tupperware container as soon as they arrive. I do like, however, that the packaging is simple and environmentally friendly.”


    Why Are We Even Discussing This, And How Does It Benefit The Environment?

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    To begin with, washing our clothes has a significant carbon footprint, which begins with the amount of water used to clean our clothes, the frequency with which we wash our clothes, and the quality of our clothes. What exactly do we mean? 

    Have you heard that our clothing loses millions of microfibers that wind up in the environment and eventually on our plates during each wash?

    Detergents get made to make your clothes look new and shining. At the very least, that’s how they promote it. Except for the new detergent sheets, they are all highly packaged in wasteful plastic jugs that pollute the environment or wind up in landfills.

    So, what’s the alternative, you might wonder? Earth Breeze and others have developed 100% biodegradable packaging that eliminates the use of heavy plastic containers and liquid detergent.

    It also reduces the quantity of carbon released into the atmosphere by large vehicles and cargo ships transporting plastic containers worldwide. Sure, Earth Breeze still needs them to move their goods around the world, but it’s lighter and emits less CO2, and remember, they’re balancing the cost by donating to WE ARE NEUTRAL.

    Environmental Claims Made by Earth Breeze

    Earth Breeze is a proud member of percent 1 For The Planet, in addition to minimizing plastic usage. This pledge indicates they will donate one percent of their revenue to environmental non-profits. You can feel confident that by supporting Earth Breeze and its purpose, you assist the earth in multiple ways.

    Can You Use The Detergent Sheets In Any Washing Machine?

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    You can use them with any washing machine, according to the manufacturer. The front loader, top loader, and even HE machine all function properly. The earth breeze eco sheets get designed to dissolve completely in cold or warm water, leaving your load of laundry with a fresh aroma while helping to save the environment.

    Then there’s the question of what to do about your sensitive skin or your kid. Earth Breeze also offers cleansing power without the use of dangerous chemicals, making it gentle on your skin and safe for your baby’s clothing. Many people have been using them to wash their baby’s cloth diapers, which didn’t work so well for them.

    When your cloth diaper stinks, it’s usually due to soap residue, which is why we wash them with Seventh Generation, which comes in a plastic bottle. Again, zero waste is about doing your part, not perfection, and if you don’t need to wash cloth diapers, you get set to go.

    Earth Breeze’s Environmental Impact

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    Laundry waste is a major issue that many people are unaware of. Every year, almost 700 million plastic jugs end up in landfills and oceans.

    Plastic Island or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch may be familiar to you. It’s a massive swath of waste, plastic, and sea debris covering nearly a million square miles of the Pacific Ocean.

    Even if you recycle your current plastic jugs, the effectiveness of recycling is a hot topic of controversy. 8.4 percent of plastic is recycled, according to estimates. Isn’t it better to cut down on plastic use at the source?

    It gets predicted that by 2050, the oceans will have more plastic than fish. If we work together, small improvements can have a great impact. Because Earth Breeze goods are light, shipping them is quite inexpensive.

    Is It Possible To Alter People’s Laundry Habits?

    People have been using traditional detergents for a long time, so it’s natural for them to resist change. However, the globe is becoming more aware of environmental challenges. With our increased environmental consciousness, our buying habits are shifting.

    One of Earth Breeze’s most difficult hurdles is persuading consumers to sign up for a subscription program to receive their laundry strips. Most individuals aren’t used to planning this far ahead of time.

    You will be willing to test a new model if you value the environment more than slight convenience to those who are hesitant. If you run out of detergent before your next shipment arrives, I recommend having a little quantity on hand. There’s nothing to lose.

    Is Earth Breeze A Good Investment?

    Earth Breeze Reviews

    If you care about the environment, Earth Breeze is a product worth trying. Some people were dissatisfied with Earth Breeze’s ability to remove tough stains. Haven’t people been talking about the same stains for years using traditional detergents?

    Earth Breeze is a no-brainer for most people because of its environmental benefits and hypoallergenic recipe. Earth Breeze will not fix the planet’s environmental problems on its own, but it is a step in the right direction.

    Traditional Detergents Vs. Earth Breeze

    Earth Breeze

    • Earth Breeze recycles water that you would otherwise waste during a machine wash. In hot or cold water, the sheets disintegrate. You can put them in with the clothes or where you would pour liquid detergent.
    • Earth Breeze uses three grams of the product. You can even do simple math like that.
    • You won’t have to worry about any residue with Earth Breeze.

    Traditional Detergents

    • Traditional detergents frequently contain up to 90% water. Detergents utilizing water, a resource that is readily available in households, are being exported all over the world.
    • In a single load of laundry, traditional laundry detergents can utilize up to 40 grams of the product.
    • Some people complain about the residue left behind by pod detergents.

    The messiness of regular detergents is one of most people’s pet peeves. The liquid soap is constantly dripping down the side of the bottle, resulting in a sticky mess in my laundry room. Earth Breeze leaves no plenty behind. Earth Breeze washing strips will be as effective as, if not more effective than, standard detergents.

    Earth Breeze, unfortunately, is not yet available in mainstream outlets. Hopefully, one day, conserving the world will be the norm rather than the exception. Signing up for Earth Breeze’s subscription program online is the easiest method to get it.

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    Frequently Asked Questions – Earth Breeze Reviews

    Yes, it certainly does! Even though these washing sheets are environmentally friendly, they provide the same effective clean as top brand detergents. Every time, our clothes come out clean and fresh! And, for ordinary loads, half a sheet suffices perfectly.
    Earth Breeze gets used by many satisfied clients for greywater and septic systems. Please have a look at our ingredients to see if Earth Breeze is good for you.
    Earth Breeze uses 100% biodegradable cardboard and ink in its packaging. It means that, depending on the environment, our packaging will biodegrade in roughly three months. If you don't want the packaging to biodegrade, you can recycle it. It is far superior to plastic!


    Earth Breeze Reviews

    We have tried to give you all the details in our Earth Breeze Reviews, and we would strongly advise you to replace your giant plastic jugs with Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets

    Every time you order, you will receive a whole load of clean laundry, and they have the best customer service. They always react quickly to your emails. 

    We Hope Earth Breeze Reviews would have been fruitful for you. Do share your thoughts in the comment section area.

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